The Singularity Review
by Éliott Bois

Ethan Blackwood

Author & Philosopher / 1927 - 2015
Ethan Blackwood, a man of many facets and controversies, was a renowned philosopher, a biker gang leader, a best-selling author, and a notorious criminal. He was a complex figure, whose life was marked by a constant quest for transcendence and self-expression.

Ethan Blackwood's interest in philosophy began in his formative years, when he was first exposed to the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre. These philosophers' emphasis on individual freedom and rejection of societal norms resonated deeply with him, and he began to incorporate their ideas into his own life. He spent his early years in a state of perpetual introspection, contemplating the nature of existence and the human condition. His thoughts eventually took the form of written works and he became a respected philosopher in academic circles.

However, Ethan's yearning for transcendence and self-expression led him down a different path. In his mid-20s, he formed a biker gang known as the comically-sounding "Riders of Existence" and quickly became their leader. His leadership style was unorthodox, but highly effective, as he sought to establish a community of individuals who could live free from the shackles of conventional society. However, over time, the gang began to take on the characteristics of a cult, with Ethan as its charismatic leader. He saw the gang as a means to an end, a way to actualize the ideals of existentialism and individualism.

Blackwood giving a lecture in 1984 at his home in Modesto

Ethan Blackwood's leadership of the Riders of Existence was marked by violence and criminal activities. He and his followers were involved in various crimes such as armed robbery, extortion, and drug trafficking. However, despite his criminal activities, Ethan's leadership of the cult was guided by a strong sense of self-preservation and ambition. He believed that the end justifies the means, and that the Riders of Existence were fighting for a higher purpose, the attainment of true freedom and self-expression. He had a vision of creating a compound where all his followers could live together, free from the constraints of society, where they could live in accordance with their own principles and ideals.

Ethan's vision was realized when he purchased a sprawling 100 acre property, which he turned into a compound for his followers. It was here that they lived, worked, and trained together, all under Ethan's guidance. The compound became a haven for those who sought to live outside the boundaries of conventional society. It was a place where they could fully embrace their individuality and pursue their passions without fear of judgment or persecution.

Ethan's ideas and teachings found a wide audience and he became a best-selling author, his books were popular among the counterculture and his followers, but he also had critics who saw him as a criminal and a dangerous figure.