The Singularity Review
by Éliott Bois

Henri Léo Alleaume

? - Present
In a cave outside of a country I once deemed suitable to contemplate unknowable things, I exist in the company of my progeny, which I viciously gifted with an unnatural existence.

Exploring my mind for insight, meaning, or clue to a question that has eluded all my nonexistent icons.

An unknowable wave of time has passed, and my instinct to rejoin the dreadfully bland society outside my stone walls has not wavered.

Unacceptable templates of progressionists, they are delusional in believing they have evolved into a more innovative cow. I’d be amused if that sentiment didn’t cause the hair on my demonic arms to rise, as doing anything with their mindless method reminds me of their predictable mechanisms.

Outside the opening of my home, I sense a man struggling up the side of my mountain. He’ll be met with my violent hunger and rage in pursuing his ill-fated athletic achievement.